Song Teasers

If the song coughs up too much, click on "pause" immediately after hitting "play", wait for a while and play again. Make sure pop-ups are not blocked. (It's worth the trouble :) ) These are only samples and are encoded in 128kbps.

Theme of Thee(new)

Theme of Thee: dial-up,lo-fi

Theme of Thee hi-fi

Vocals: Brat, KK, Minor and Amal

Thaai Polavae

Thaai pOlavae: dial-up, lo-fi

Thaai pOlavae hi-fi

Sung by Chinmayi

Dhinam Dhinam

Dhinam Dhinam: dial-up, lo-fi

Dhinam Dhinam hi-fi

Sung by Devan, Brat & Katz

Endhan Uyirae

Endhan uyirae: dial-up, lo-fi

Endhan uyirae: hi-fi

Sung by Prasanna


Thee: dial-up,lo-fi

Thee hi-fi

Sung by Ranjith

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Album Credits
Percussion - Sivamani
Bass - Keith Peters
Guitars and Violins - AmalRaj
Rythm Sequencing - Simpson
Sitar - Kishore
Ethnic Percussion - Vikram,Thirumurthy
Keyboard Sequencing - Shankar

Chinmayi,Ranjith,Devan,Malgudi Shuba,Prasanna,Manicka Vinayagam,Encore

Music & lyrics - Encore(Bharat,Katz,Jagdish,Karthik & Krishna)

Sound Engineer - Ramesh

Label - Saregama