Thee by encore

Thee(tamil for fire), is an album of 7 songs in Tamil and an Instrumental.

The band behind Thee. They are five guys who got together in college to make music.Guys who blamed Ilaiyaraaja,A.R.Rahman et al. if they screwed up their exams.(Who asked 'em to make such good music?)

Credits include Sivamani,Keith Peters et al.

The album was released in Chennai,India on the 8th of February,2006.

Available in major music stores in India. Coming to the US soon!

How can I trust the content?
Read the article in The Hindu, "The Indian Express" or the one by Chinmayi or the ones by bloggers from various parts of the world.

Have I seen you guys somewhere?
Not our fault.We were all over the place in Chennai, with guitars on bikes,keyboards on bikes, amplifiers on bikes, us on bikes.... We've also made special appearances(??) on-stage in the name of Light Music shows in colleges in and around Chennai,Coimbatore and Trichy.

btw,is this the official site of the band?
We'll be more than happy if you found others, but,to answer your question,yes.

Why does it look so unprofessional?
That's because we're still working on it. If you have better things to ask,feel free to mail us or post a comment.

One last question. Don't you think that's a lot of self promotion?
Well, someone has to do it....

...and, read the second half of the earlier answer again.